Work & Team Organisation

omnited is here to help you and your people to get intouch, plan your work and organize meetings and payments of external sources.

Think in JIRA, Asana or, a better price and done thinking in the today working world.

Remote Aware
Project & Team Management

Organize Project, Products, and Tasks and your most valuable resources: your team members.
  • Handle Tasks, Issues, Stories

    Yes, there are 100 tools like that. Our one is nice, powerfully AND payable.
  • Manage Team Members

    Handle Team Members which work actively with the project management tools or not. In one place
  • Organize Meetings

    Integrate Members Calendars and share them with team members and customers

Some Impressions

Some already available and some "in work" features
  • Screenshot from 2020 08 13 06 18 07
  • Screenshot from 2020 08 13 06 27 31
  • Screenshot from 2020 08 13 06 25 40
  • Screenshot from 2020 08 13 06 29 25
  • Screenshot from 2020 08 13 06 29 50
Productivity for You and Teams

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